About the movie
Sobre la película
Sobre el Director. Sebástian G
La Montenegrina in the map
Historia de la Provincia del Chaco
Influencia de los inmigrantes en el Chaco
Los inmigrantes hoy en el Chaco
Acontecimientos Históricos en Europa que impulsaron las corrientes de inmigración a principios del S.xx

THE 7 HORIZONS is a film that combines documentary genre with film fiction. Recorded in High Definition digital format and transfering to 35mm.

THE PROPOSAL is to achieve a high quality film for later broadcast on the official cinemas in Montenegro and Argentina, before being taken to the international halls. And National Film Festivals and International. 
THE OBJECTIVE, tell the world the story of the 7 first founders of LA MONTENEGRINA, with the legacy left by these men to future generations. Rescue effort to the memory of the immigrants of the early twentieth century and contribute to the dissemination of the Montenegrin culture. 

THE HORIZONS 7 will be taken to the screen of the hand of Argentine cinema professionals, who together have nearly 40 years of experience and technical work in Argentine and Internacional film.

We invite you to learn more about THE 7 HORIZONS and to join us to join forces to realize this immense  but wonderful challenge. 




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